ROK Manual Coffee Grinder

ROK Manual Coffee Grinder

The ROK Coffee Grinder1

   Hi, coffee lovers. I’ve gotta tell you rock kitchen tools has made a manual grinder that’s not only beautiful but a real pleasure to use now he’s struggled with other manual grinders are gonna love the long vertical cranking handle it makes manual grinding so much easier with a rock climber you can grind all the way from extra fine for Turkish coffee and espresso pore over drip trusts and cold brew and we’ll take a look at those actual grind in a moment of forty eight millimeter hardened steel conical burr takes care of business and turns on a double bearing drive shaft lined size adjustment is step-less and quick using a number drink so it’s easy to dial in a precise crime for making espresso but you can convert with step grinding by removing two washers above the adjusting ring.

The ROK Coffee Grinder3

   There is a super tacky material on the basic holds a grinder firm on smooth surfaces with that and a grinding motion at the Rex courses in a more ergonomic direction all it takes is a light touch to keep things in place while grinding Grinder is constructed of die cast aluminum and includes an aluminum copper for catching ground coffee so performance in our test grinding fine for espresso it took 30 to turn the crank 48 grams and 62 turns 48 double shot of 16 grams now depending on how fast you turn riding for that double espresso could take from 30 to 60 seconds set course Here ford rip Preston pore over trying to get faster at a press coffee grind size we got about a half gram for each handle rotation so here’s a close-up look at coffee ground with the rock grinder notice the uniform particle size and the finest Russell range and you have the range to go from an extra prying Turkish Prime all the way up to a coarse grind for process and cold brew coffee compared to some other manual grinders.

The ROK Coffee Grinder2

   The rock has a lot to like high-quality birds producing very uniform Brian with a sticky based long handle 40 and grinding action to put force onto the base manual grinding just got a whole lot easier that’s the Rock coffee grinder.

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